Year One

How have our lives changed after our child received a diagnosis of autism? Well, things are the same, yet everything is different. How is that for an honest answer? Our road began in December 2014 when a Speech Therapist (SLP) referred me to our county’s Early Intervention program. We knew Eddie had a speech delay … More Year One

Into the Woods

Things are not happening, or they are happening all at once, right? Well, tomorrow Annabelle begins 1st grade. It is surreal, magical, exciting & a bit worrisome. Our family got a pass last year as she attended a “private kindergarten” that was an extension of her daycare. This year is a full-fledged school complete with a … More Into the Woods


Almost 7 years ago, I became a parent. Around that time, I was ready for the Earth to tilt, for the skies to shift & for my life to drastically change overnight. Inside I was anxious yet prepared, nervous but confident & SO ready to have a baby girl. Annabelle arrived & I transitioned rather … More Overwhelmed

Greek Orzo Pasta

Well, my neighbor did me wrong. She offered me a deli prepared Greek Orzo Pasta Salad from Safeway, and I fell in LOVE. What I don’t love is $8.99 a pound pasta salad. So, I went on a hunt to recreate this salad. Here are the fruits of my labor. Be forewarned, this recipe makes … More Greek Orzo Pasta


My Paw Paw, Glyndell Wilbert Ebarb, passed away Wednesday night. Sorrow, grief and heartbreak come in waves, but I feel so fortunate. He was a part of my life for over 31 years and I can’t think of him without smiling. He taught me about hard work. He would come for a visit and find … More GWE

Rebel Yell

Our lives didn’t change today; they changed in December of 2011. That’s when my Eddie arrived in a fast & furious fashion. He let out a rebel yell to command our attention and he hasn’t let up the past three years. I say he let out a battle cry when he was born because I … More Rebel Yell