This weekend we traveled to Burleson, Texas to visit Derek’s grandmother Irene aka Annabelle’s “Welita” and her husband Terry aka Annabelle’s “GGpa.” Burleson is not a far drive from our house, and I’m not sure why we haven’t ventured up there sooner. Derek’s answer was, “Because we are tired and busy.” I tend to agree. Alas, we got up Saturday morning and Ed slept the whole trip and Annabelle hardly made a sound.
We arrived to two very excited great-grandparents and a delicious meal of ribs, chicken, beans, rice, homemade tortillas- Derek’s favorite, pound cake, and banana pudding- my favorite. Yum!
Derek’s uncle Rahja, “Jay” and his wife Hillary and her daughter Quinn were nice enough to spend the day with us as well. It’s always fun for me to be around Derek’s family that will tell me stories about his whiny & annoying behavior as a child. I especially loved the story about Irene chasing him with a switch when he tried to run out in the street. Thanks Jay!
Below is a recreation with Annabelle and Welita. Annabelle was holding her rear-end with one hand & running from Irene.
Despite the crazy hair, I love this picture of Annabelle!
Annabelle and Terry played so much in their garden. She was initially afraid to get her boots dirty, but she got the hang of it pretty quickly with Terry and Irene’s guidance. Terry was planning to get his potatoes started and Annabelle said, “Yum. French fries!”
Left to right is Quinn, Irene, Hillary, Ed, and Jay
Below is Annabelle and her great uncle Rahja
 Ed and his Welita

We came home with all sorts of goodies. Irene made several blankets for Ed and a gorgeous quilt with a rocking horse. We’ll get some pictures up of it later. It’s truly something to be seen. Terry gave me this wonderful antique chair that has a step stool that folds and unfolds to reach our tall cabinets. Annabelle has already claimed the chair as hers and sat on it in the living room yesterday evening. We all just hung around the house and ate and visited, but man we sure had a wonderful time catching up and introducing Ed to everyone.


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