The Many Faces of Annabelle Leigh

Lately it seems like we’ve been living in the “Land of Ed.” He is definitely ruling the roost, as of late, but there’s someone who reigned long before he came along.
Annabelle Leigh.
So, what’s she been doing lately?
She’s had some nightmares –  one about a scary tomato in Baby Ed’s tummy & one where Baby Ed had three eyes & teeth.
She’s a gardener – tending to her strawberries, tomatos, bell peppers, cilantro & green onions.
She plays guitar – strumming while repeating, “I totally rock, oh yeah!”
She’s an actress – playing with her dogs & barking at all who walk by
She’s a baker – mixing
She’s a baker – pouring
 She’s a baker – tasting
She’s a baker – sprinkling
She’s a cook – gathering ingredients
She’s a helper – cleaning up her own mess
She’s a family girl – loves spending time with the Ebarb women

She’s a cowgirl – just look at those boots!

She’s a big sister – and she’s doing awesome at all these things, but especially this one.

2 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Annabelle Leigh

  1. What delightful pictures and stories about Annabelle Leigh and her delightful life of playing, cooking, playing her guitar and taking care of little brother, Ed. She is a lovely, little girl.

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