Resolve…for another Vegas Christmas

Some hate them, some love them, but whether we want to admit it or not, we all make them. My old stand-by in school was to stop biting my nails. I never succeeded. As an adult, I really enjoy the start of a new year, and I use it as a time to reflect, plan & hope.
I’ve got a lot of plans for this year.

Sarah’s List

  • Bake croissants from scratch. I have the ingredients ready to go. 
  • Master the macaroon- I can do it. 
  • Read more often; magazines do count! Sorry, bibliophiles. 
  • Exercise out of love, not out of guilt. 
  • Turn the TV off, especially if no one is watching. 
  • Savor my time off from work. 
  • Live as though I am on vacation. 
  • Frame those rolled up prints, and find a spot to hang them.
  • Limit procrastination. This is the hardest for me. (See delayed blog below for proof.)

Derek’s List

  • Get a job. 
  • Lose weight; get down to 210. 
  • Try to remain as calm, and positive as possible. 

Oh, did we tell you we spent Christmas in Las Vegas & it was amazing?

Annabelle & I watching the fountains at Bellagio

We stayed six nights and Grandpa, Nana, Ma Candy & Papa Craig joined us in Sin City. We ate, we laughed, stayed up late and enjoyed Christmas away from home. We were so busy, we didn’t take many photos.

Ed’s first Vegas meal

We frequented our usual favorites, the Peppermill, Payard, Evening Call for daiquiris, Bouchon Bakery & RA sushi.

Annabelle & I posing at the Bellagio

Papa Craig even rented this enormous van for us to travel to the Hoover Dam. It was so large, people thought he was running an airport shuttle, which I guess is true because he did drop us off at McCarran.

Windblown at the Hoover Dam

Imagine a little girl dressed in a Hello Kitty outfit. This girl is walking around her favorite city and she sees Hello Kitty. See, it didn’t take one thousand words to describe this picture.

Annabelle & Hello Kitty. Have you ever seen such legs?

Did I tell you we met Ice-T at Peepshow? Well, we did. Annabelle is now obsessed with Crazy Girls. Ed ate his way through a buffet & Baby D and I even beat the house. It may not be a traditional Christmas destination, but we had a blast. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and hope 2013 is treating you well!


One thought on “Resolve…for another Vegas Christmas

  1. What a nice blog. The story was really good and the pictures told their own story. Every one looked so happy and appeared to be enjoying every moment. Glad all had such a good time.
    Know you are looking forward to next year or should I say later this year. Love you. G-Grandma and G-Granddaddy Charlie

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