Well, I can check one thing off the resolution list. I made croissants! Here are some things I figured out in this baking marathon.

Dedication is one of the requirements of making croissants from scratch.

Yeast, flour, sugar, malt powder – all intricately measured on a digital scale.

Teamwork & communication is another requirement when making croissants, especially with two small children present.

Poolish aka the Starter…it’s ready to go

Pounding butter with a rolling pin is in fact cathartic, and cheaper than therapy.

330 grams of butter

I am not a very good roller. It’s particularly difficult to roll dough out length wise without increasing it’s width. Any tips?

Egg washed & ready to be proofed

A louder timer might ensure the croissants don’t get too brown in the late stage of baking. Well, maybe next time.

A little browner than anticipated, but look at those layers.

Twenty hours is the amount of time it took me to create these fine French delicacies.

Next time, you will meet almond & chocolate my friend.

Excuse us, we like to eat our croissants standing in the kitchen with poorly groomed hair.

Ed a mangΓ© trois croissants

Croissant recipe found inΒ Bouchon Bakery


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