2073 Miles

It is with much excitement, a bit of anxiety & a twinge of sadness I officially announce the S Family is moving to Portland, Oregon this month. To our loyal readers, all three of you, this is not a shock, I hope. How did we come to this decision? What does Oregon have in store for the four of us? Why Portland? Ugh, can you handle all the rain?

Annabelle’s snapshot at the Rose Garden

Texas summers are hot- I mean really hot & I melt in the heat. So, we threw the idea of a cooler climate back & forth for years & this is a big part of the relocation. Also, we miss a big city. Small town living is fine, but there are only so many opportunities in a small town for a young family. I want to give my children room to grow, lots of culture & tons of opportunities & I’m confident Portland will live up to my expectations. Portland has awesome grocery stores, museums, close to the ocean, close to mountains, lots of outdoor activities & great restaurants.

Annabelle at the Children’s Museum

What we are leaving behind is the start of our family. Our history is rich all over Texas, but especially runs deep in our hometown of Austin. Both of our children were born in Austin, we met, were married & began this wonderful adventure there. There are many things we will miss about Austin; the comfort & familiarity factor, and of course, our friends & family. Yet, we will be a mere 2073 miles away from everything we know. We made the trip to Valley Mills 4 years ago, but the truth is we never really left Austin. Sure, we didn’t technically live there, but our hearts never left.

Doughnuts- 24 Hrs a day

This is a huge move. I now have no car. I said goodbye to my decade old Camry ‘Mildred’ a few weeks ago. That was the biggest indicator our lives were different. I can ride my bike to work! I remember driving my old Camry over 150 miles a day around Austin going to 2 different ACC campuses, between massages & other errands. I will now bike less than 3 miles a day roundtrip to work.  Derek & the kids will ride the MAX when they visit the Children’s Museum. No more thirty mile car rides into town to, “Do something fun.” We can take a leisurely drive to Canada, or to the Coast. Annabelle is already stocking up on Tillamook cheese.

Eddie directing at the Children’s Museum

Time will tell what is in store for all of us in Portland.  I have no doubt it will be a phenomenal adventure and will create some awesome memories. Won’t you join us?

S Family at Multnomah Falls

3 thoughts on “2073 Miles

  1. Well, of course, I’m boo-hooing by the time I get thru reading. I know it’s stupid….. I’m so sad that you’re not going to be nearby anymore…not that I saw you OFTEN, but I did get to see you and Derek, my Birthday-Girl (thank you AGAIN for having her on my birthday ❤ !!), and of course, Sir Ed. Life can be so uncertain, and certainly HAS been this past year or so thru now, what with Peg being sick, and now Linda. And THAT brings me to the part about this that makes me HAPPY (not, of course, that they are sick)… that you and Derek are adventurous enough to take this leap of faith. (We know what MY attempt at a leap turned out like, and I KNOW yours will be NOTHING like Fiasco de San Diego!) Sarah, you are an incredibly brave and strong young woman….you always have been…and you certainly haven't changed as you've gotten older!! I'm so proud of you and Derek this past year how you got Peggy to games when she had no other way. What an awesome thing for the two of you to do!!! I think your new life in Portland will be wonderful!! I am praying that the city is EVERYTHING y'all are longing for and MORE!!! I sure hope I'm going to get a few hugs before you leave….maybe Irving is SORT of on the way???? Oh, and remember….send me some VooDoo donuts!!! 😉
    I LOVE y'all SOOOOOO much!!

  2. Sarah, you truly on a GREAT adventure! Good for you to make scary but very wise decisions for your family. I will look forward to more details as you take this ride because we would love to move to Portland someday so please share!!

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