You’ve Got to Pick an Apple or Two

I spy an apple tree.

Fuji Apple Tree

Last Saturday we traveled to Parkdale, Oregon to visit an apple orchard. We picked Draper Girls Farm. It’s located on the ‘Fruit Loop,’ near Hood River where there are several farms.

Draper Girls Country Farm

We picked Draper Girls for the large selection of apples and it didn’t hurt they had several animals on the farm.

Annabelle meets a pig
No Mr. Ed jokes, please.

We found out there are two ways to pick the apples. The first is to lug a ladder around, climb high up and toss them down to your partner.

Derek picking some Fuji apples

The second way is to pick the apples you can reach.

Sometimes you need a lift

Apple picking etiquette includes not eating the apples until you have purchased them. Unfortunately, Eddie did not get the memo.

Ed sampling the goods

Apples can get heavy, so they have a wagon you can use to haul them around. Our wagon seemed especially heavy.

20 lbs of apples + Ed

We had a total blast at this farm. We even doubled our original haul and ended up with 40 lbs of apples. They are currently taking up the entire bottom portion of our refrigerator. Lots of biting, slicing and 2 apple crisps later and we still have plenty left. Next year, we need to get out there to pick the elusive Honeycrisp apples.

Photo courtesy of Annabelle


2 thoughts on “You’ve Got to Pick an Apple or Two

  1. ….and if ya DO get those Honey Crisps…SHIP ME SOME!!! My FAVE!!! I ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ all the pictures, especially Annabelle and the pig and Ed on the apple cart!!! What fun!! If I ever get up to see you, can we go??? ….that is if you can pull me on the cart, too!!! 😉

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