Rebel Yell

Our lives didn’t change today; they changed in December of 2011.

That’s when my Eddie arrived in a fast & furious fashion. He let out a rebel yell to command our attention and he hasn’t let up the past three years. I say he let out a battle cry when he was born because I know my Eddie is a warrior. He is strong, unrelenting, defiant, energized, focused & assertive.


Eddie is a warrior diagnosed with autism.

Raising Eddie has been an adventure thus far. Babies cry, but Eddie wailed & screamed for hours. Sleep was futile. Some babies like to be held, patted or stroked, but Eddie wanted to be left alone. His hands were always balled up in fists and he looked upset & grumpy, no matter the occasion. Adults and children alike want an explanation for this behavior. So, we made excuses for him. So, we said he had colic, or gas, a rough night, diaper rash, he was teething, constipated, had a rough morning, teething again, upset stomach. We even said he was a bad baby. Other people said, “He’s just a boy.”

Today, my husband was able to breathe because he does not have to make an excuse for his son anymore.

Today, I was able to breathe because Eddie has a great prognosis & I truly feel hope.


We are lucky. Our boy is healthy, loving, handsome & funny. He has huge brown eyes, an electrifying smile & infectious laughter. He loves music, Mickey Mouse, pizza, trains & enjoys cooking. His strengths are so strong, just like him. He, more than anyone I’ve met, has taught me how to love unconditionally. What we have ahead of us is a marathon with no attainable finish line, so I guess that’s just a journey.

Dr. Temple Grandin stated, “There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.” My Eddie can do so much. Annabelle says when he grows up, “He will be strong.” I believe that’s true. Our warrior was born strong.



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