Reports of a Screaming Child

We had a nice visit from a police officer the other evening.

While folding clothes to get ready for a camping trip, our doorbell rang around 10:30 & my husband answered the door. There stood a police officer coming to check on reports of a “screaming child.” As my husband stood stunned, Eddie came down the hallway growling, while running excitedly to the officer. Derek then proceeded to explain, “I’m sure it was him. He is diagnosed autistic. He has meltdowns often & there is not much we can do.” Luckily, that explanation was clear enough for the police officer. Derek gave him our information; he left & wished us a good night.


Upon our internal investigation, Annabelle instructed Eddie to get ready for camping. He thought we were leaving for camping RIGHT NOW. He loaded up a bag and went to the front door around 10 PM. When Derek asked him to take his backpack off, a tantrum ensued by the open window. The officer alluded a neighbor walking might have heard Eddie & called the police.


Honestly, I failed to even recall the tantrum, as I’ve grown fairly accustomed to them. A different evening, I may have been really upset by the police being called. A different evening, I may have worried about which neighbor was the culprit & if he/she called out of malicious intent.  Yet on this evening, as shocked as we were, we had to laugh & shrug it off. I mean it is laughable.

My son is loud, has tantrums & it difficult to console at times. We do not always easily understand his internal agenda & plan due to his communication deficits. Yet, his behavior is improving. Eddie’s improved ability to communicate & comprehend allows us to explain our agenda & he is beginning to show some understanding. This is a huge leap forward for our family. Small requests that previously turned into large tantrums are now settled fairly easily. Of course we still have to chase him in the grocery store, he cries every time we leave the library & Derek is on constant alert for Eddie’s right hook, but things are getting better. I suppose that’s why we had to laugh. Where we see improvement, other people see, or in this case hear, struggle. That’s life with Eddie- full of surprises & I can’t wait to see what’s next.



5 thoughts on “Reports of a Screaming Child

  1. I’m so glad you’ve chosen to share these struggles with us. It has made me much more aware of an issue I’d never given much thought. Just saw a story this afternoon about a teenage special olympian swimmer who is autistic. He found his nitch in swimming. Was nonverbal until age 5….now very well spoken and accomplished! Sir Ed and y’all are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Love you all.

  2. Thanks for the story “Reports of a Screaming Child”. We know this young fellow. He is the most loving little boy you will ever see but he can also be a most unpredictable and ornery little fellow. He has a wonderful mother and dad and a sweet and caring big sister. In time, hopefully, he will conquer his problems. We are proud to be the great-grandma and great-granddaddy of this child, Dorothy & Charlie

  3. I now know it’s possible to laugh & cry at the same time! I appreciate your raw honesty, compassion, and sense of humor! And I love all your posts – from sharing simple recipes to facing, head-on, tough issues/realities that many of us would rather ignore. Love from the Scoggin crew!

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