Greek Orzo Pasta

Well, my neighbor did me wrong. She offered me a deli prepared Greek Orzo Pasta Salad from Safeway, and I fell in LOVE.

What I don’t love is $8.99 a pound pasta salad. So, I went on a hunt to recreate this salad. Here are the fruits of my labor. Be forewarned, this recipe makes a large amount of salad, but if I’m going into prep mode, I want it to last a few days.

Safeway Copycat Greek Orzo Pasta

I’ve tried this salad with a jar of kalamata olives & the deli version is far superior & happens to cost less per pound. My first attempt at this salad, I added fresh basil & it was overpowering. I enjoy the smooth saltiness of the rice vinegar coating the pasta, onions & peppers & the basil was too much for me.

Safeway Copycat Greek Orzo Pasta

You’ll want to prepare the orzo as the box indicates. We use bulk orzo, so we just wing it. About 5 quarts of salted water for 2 cups of dry orzo, boil it about 10 minutes. Once firm & chewy – drain & rinse with cool water. I then place the orzo in a large mixing bowl and drizzle about 2-3 tablespoons of rice vinegar to prevent it from sticking together. Have the peppers & onion diced & mixes them into the pasta. Now, it’s time for my favorite part, the kalamataΒ olives. You can drain the olives, but why? The juice is so salty, briny & delicious, so throw it in there along with the olives. I go easy on the rice vinegar to begin with, but at his point taste the pasta and see if it needs a bit more vinegar. Lastly, the feta cheese crumbles can be gently tossed in. I use anywhere from 4-8 ounces. The last time I made it I even forget them and I was 2 bowls in before I noticed.Β Listed below is the recipe. Enjoy!

Safeway Copycat Greek Orzo Pasta

Greek Orzo Salad Recipe

2 cups of dry orzo

1 lb of deli kalamata olives

red, yellow & green bell pepper

red onion

feta cheese crumbles

rice vinegar


Optional: spinach &/or basil

Keep refrigerated in air tight container up to 4-5 days


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