Into the Woods

Things are not happening, or they are happening all at once, right?

Well, tomorrow Annabelle begins 1st grade. It is surreal, magical, exciting & a bit worrisome. Our family got a pass last year as she attended a “private kindergarten” that was an extension of her daycare. This year is a full-fledged school complete with a cafeteria, gymnasium, 4 square & Lord help me, a PTA. She is thrilled, but a bit apprehensive. We’ve all assured her she’s bound to have an amazing year.

Kindergarten graduate

Eddie also begins his Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy. This therapy entails a 20-30 hour a week commitment focused on improving certain behaviors. We hope it will teach us more effective ways for us to communicate with Eddie & vice versa. We’ve been told it’s intense & difficult in the beginning, but is worth it in the long run. We are giving it all our might until 2016 & will then reevaluate if it’s still a good fit for us. It’s a large undertaking in conjunction with his Early Intervention, OT, Speech & being just a 3-year-old handsome guy. Our family is hopeful we can learn some great strategies with ABA & it can make everyday issues a bit easier.

We’ve been hooked on ‘Into the Woods’ lately. The kids & I love this song & it’s fitting for tonight.

Careful the things you say, children will listen.

Careful the things you do, children will see, and learn.

Guide them along the way, children will glisten.

Children will look to you for which way to turn, to learn what to be.

Careful before you say, “Listen to me.” Children will listen.

So, tomorrow Derek & I will get a late start to the day as I get to walk Annabelle to class & he gets Eddie started on ABA. In my Passion Planner, I’ve written my goal for this week is to have grace with myself & with others as we navigate this new schedule. My wishes for this fall are for us to be carefully guiding them both in a fruitful & valuable direction.

I hope very one has a fantastic start to this school year. ❤


One thought on “Into the Woods

  1. Just remember to breathe and try to sneak a little time for you and Derek (as hard as that might be…it’s important) . Much love and prayers as always.

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