One month in Oregon

We’ve been here a month. We made the move, are basically settled and Derek found an accounting job! This is huge news. Let me update you on our adventures in Portland, Oregon. Okay, okay…so, we don’t technically live in Portland. We live in Hillsboro, which I’ve heard is like living in Canada to a true … More One month in Oregon

2073 Miles

It is with much excitement, a bit of anxiety & a twinge of sadness I officially announce the S Family is moving to Portland, Oregon this month. To our loyal readers, all three of you, this is not a shock, I hope. How did we come to this decision? What does Oregon have in store … More 2073 Miles


Well, I can check one thing off the resolution list. I made croissants! Here are some things I figured out in this baking marathon. Dedication is one of the requirements of making croissants from scratch. Teamwork & communication is another requirement when making croissants, especially with two small children present. Pounding butter with a rolling … More Croissants

Annabelle Leigh

Four years ago we welcomed a little girl, Annabelle Leigh. If there was ever a match made in heaven, it’s her being matched with us. We are peas in a pod. Actually, Baby D & I may be the peas in her pod. Sometimes in life, you get what you need. Other times, you get what you … More Annabelle Leigh